Store Design


Fresh Fusion has perfected a store design that successfully houses four diverse and distinct concepts – Salads, Wraps, Pressinis and Burritos under one roof. We take great pride in the freshness and taste profiles of each one of these products. We welcome any challenges from leading brands offering one or more of the same products! In addition, the store design allows for easy workflow transition in terms of order-taking and preparation among the distinct products. We have successfully executed a system within which variable overhead elements such as food and labor costs are unaffected despite multiple and distinct food concepts. This is rare for a dual concept or a multiple concept store as most have been observed with either extra inventory and surplus labor or poor workflow execution.

As a result of housing four distinct concepts under one roof offering such great diversity in menu items and choice in taste profiles.
resh Fusion stores cater to a wider customer palate and, hence, enjoy higher sales volume than any relatively comparable (location) single concept store.

Fresh Fusion stores gain more frequent repeat customer business.
Fresh Fusion stores can offer a wider array of Combos as the diverse menu items compliment each other without the burden of carrying additional inventory. For example, a side salad is a great accompaniment with any entrée such as a pressini sandwich or a burrito. Combos are a great way to demonstrate customer perceived value in our menu products.