Ongoing Support


Our goal is for Fresh Fusion to grow as an organization. The key to our success starts with the success of our Franchisees.

In addition to providing our Franchisees a turn-key system, we also provide them with on-going support in restaurant operations, marketing and overall personal development.


An essential element to a successful restaurant is fluid and efficient operations. Each franchise needs to be constantly evaluated for a variety of variables such as food costs, food wastage, food quality, labor costs and labor productivity to name a few. Ongoing assessment of workflow within restaurant is required to ensure maximum throughput. Customer experience needs to be gauged from time-to-time to tweak the workflow accordingly.

We bring industry experts on board who constantly pay site visits to your store collecting data that is instrumental in improving store operations. They provide hands-on support in elements such as staff training, food safety, workplace safety, workflow efficiency and procedures. They are an important resource made available to you for no charge once you become part of the Fresh Fusion family.


The quintessential component to the success of any business is how effective they are in letting everyone around know about their existence and the purpose their business serves.

Flyers, signage, local radio and television ads are great in establishing brand recognition and public relations. However, our corporate store records show that local area marketing is highly effective. Fortunately, this is what we excel at. We go out there and physically touch the customer and get them excited about the brand. We build lasting relationships with customers in the local community to gain their loyalty.

We have a strategic team in place that specializes in Local Area Marketing. They work with you and ensure that your advertising dollars are spent wisely to effectively infiltrate the market.


Every business has its own challenges. Every business person needs a source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement to keep a positive attitude and get through challenging barriers within their business.

We bring motivational speakers to come into your store and talk to your staff and yourself on a one-on-one basis. Their services are instrumental in improving workplace productivity and staff morale. Best of all, Fresh Fusion brings you theses services at no charge.