About Us

Our Story

The idea originated from the big apple, Manhattan, NY!

Founder Nav Ghotra, at the time an Engineer, observed his extended family running restaurants/delis in a similar fashion offering salads, wraps and pressed sandwiches for the past 25 years. They were serving a top notch product, but were lacking that Restaurant Brand Experience that customers could relate and attach themselves to.

Canada had basically been deprived of such a concept where fresh, healthy and quality ingredients were being served up in a variety of ways through salads, wraps, pressed sandwiches and burritos.

Given the change in the eating habits of Canadians when it came to fast food consumption and their craving for higher quality food made us believe that Canada was ready for the change.

Late in 2010, Fresh Fusion opened its doors at its first location in Richmond Hill serving up healthy and flavorful offerings. Its mission was to change the way Canadians perceived fast food. Fresh Fusion wanted to stress the importance of natural, real and whole foods that promote a healthier well being.