Franchising Concept


We’re a young and energetic company trying to break the old and stale franchise model. We like to think of ourselves as a new age franchise.

We believe that the underlying element that drives people into a restaurant and keeps them coming back for more is the food. At Fresh Fusion, we have perfected the culinary art of seamlessly combining Salads, Wraps, Pressinis (i.e. Panini) and Burritos into one mouthwatering food fare. We are the first in the country to bring ‘Chop’d’ Salads and Wraps, chopped right in front of our customers’ eyes. We are also the first to combine a ‘Salad Bar’ concept with authentic burritos made with slow cooked beans and home-made salsas. Our philosophy is that combining creative branding and innovation with high quality, fresh ingredients results in loyal customers turning into brand ambassadors promoting our brand to their friends and family. What does all this mean? Fresh Fusion is designed for driving sales!

We look at our franchisees as our business partners helping us grow the Fresh Fusion brand. We treat the money you invest into Fresh Fusion as our own money. We spend it wisely and pass on any savings to you enjoyed through our relationships with vendors and other industry professionals. Our goal is to support and equip you with all the tools necessary to achieve success in both business and life. We believe that these fundamental principles of ours will help elevate Fresh Fusion become a national brand.

We are looking to partner up with individuals who share the same passion for the Fresh Fusion brand as we do.