Is previous food or restaurant experience necessary to obtain a Fresh Fusion franchise?

No, we will train and support you. All we require is for you to share our passion for the Fresh Fusion brand.

Are partnerships allowed?

Yes, two or more persons may join forces to purchase a single franchise. The partner must be approved.

How much is the Franchising Fee?

For a limited time, there is NO Franchise Fee.

How much will it cost to open a Fresh Fusion store?

The cost of opening a Fresh Fusion varies by size and location of store. Please click here to see breakdown of initial investment.

Can Fresh Fusion help with the financing?

Yes. We will prepare a business plan for you and will advise you on how you can obtain a government guaranteed bank loan, if applicable.

How long does it take to open a Fresh Fusion location?

Once we approve you as a franchisee and you sign our agreements, it can normally take 2-4 months before you open. Much of this process is related to government permit application procedures and the lease at your location.

What is the royalty structure and how is it collected?

Royalty fees are 2% of gross sales (net sales + comps and discounts) payable weekly. You must use the POS system we designate. Your POS system will be polled to keep track of sales.

What level of support can I expect from Fresh Fusion?

Fresh Fusion prides itself on the level of support it provides its franchisees. For more details click here.

What is the advertising fee?

The advertising fee is 2% of gross sales payable to Fresh Fusion on a weekly basis.

What is the advertising fee used for?

The advertising fee is used in the creation, production and implementation of advertising through various forms of media (like print, online etc), public relations and brand recognition efforts. In addition, we stress spending a significant portion of the advertising fee on Local Area Marketing and in-house staff coordinating these efforts. For more on Marketing and Advertising click here.

How much money can I make from investing in a Fresh Fusion franchise?

Upon signing the Confidential Qualification Report we will give you detailed projections and proof of the profitability of our locations. Since our initial investment and ongoing royalties are quite low, the return on your investment can be exceptionally HIGH. The amount of profit you make is largely based upon your ability to closely follow our business system and be passionate about Fresh Fusion and its products. It is also dependent upon having a good location.

Where will I purchase the equipment and other supplies from?

From Fresh Fusion and other authorized suppliers.

Does Fresh Fusion have a grand opening program? How much does it cost?

Fresh Fusion has a comprehensive and well planned grand opening program to kick-start your business. We have designated resources to overlook all aspects of the opening event like local area advertising and coordination of all promotional materials. All we need you to do is to focus on training and customer service. The investment required for a grand opening of such a magnitude is approximately $2,000.

Why should I consider a Fresh Fusion franchise? What sets them apart from the rest of the food concept franchises?

Fresh Fusion is a franchise that is committed to see your investment grow. Our business model and franchisee support system in place is geared towards you succeeding in your business and life goals.

For more on what sets Fresh Fusion apart from other franchises, please click here.

What is the average size of a Fresh Fusion Restaurant?

The typical size of a Fresh Fusion Restaurant is 1,100 to 1,400 square feet.

How long is training and where will it be held?

The initial training is 2 weeks full time or 4 weeks part time, whichever works best for your specific purpose. The training is held at our flagship store.

Is there a cost for the training program and on-going support?

The cost of the initial training program and support at your location up until your Grand Opening is completely covered once you are approved as a franchisee. On going field support after your grand opening can be provided at a per diem.

What does the franchise system include?

An initial deposit of $15,000 is made payable to Fresh Fusion upon signing our agreements. This deposit will be applied against the overall Leasehold improvements (like store design and build-out). This secures the right to own and operate a Fresh Fusion in a given territory and the use of Fresh Fusion trademarks, trade name, recipes and retail marketing scheme. We also provide:

Site Selection, lease negotiation
Architectural design and specifications for fixtures, equipment, and leasehold improvements
Full construction services with General Contractor, Landlord and Designer
Complete store set-up and new store opening assistance
Operating manuals, policies, procedures, and business management systems
Comprehensive training program
Assistance from franchise operations experts for pre and post-opening of restaurant
On-going merchandising and marketing programs